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I want to know …

I want to know you better, to be near to you, to be close to you.. but there’s only one thing I’m afraid off, I might lose you..

my smiles.. i m…

smile.. i miss you..

the dream = you

Early this morning as i woke up, my facial expression was like “what the??” then laughing.. The story behind this was. There this guy, telling me that he’s been dating already. But in personal, he’d told me that he’s not dating. So which is which the true?? 

And I’m falling…

I find it hard to explain

it’s crazy but it’s happening

And I’m falling again

Much further than I’ve ever been

I’m falling deeper than the ocean

I am lost in this emotion


what a day! what should i say? well, it just a normal day i guess. but having a short talk with him it does really feel great! ^__^ thanks for sparing some of your time with me.

song i want to sing

How should I start this writing thing? Honestly, I don’t know where or how to start this one. Cause its merely all about the inside of me. The feelings I have, and everything that inside of me, the inner me.

It’s 6 months already, I accepted the fact that its gone, its over. The thing I used to fight for it, its gone. I don’t know how it took me that easy but everyone was wondering how I’ve moved on that fast. It’s not moved on, it’s more off I used to it or should I say it I must used to this new situation of my life. Time really flew that fast, in few days I’m turning 26. Done with 1/4 of my life and starting spending my 1/2 in more fulfilling life. Let do this in some other time. But for now, I want to really share this one cause I know, he won’t read any kind of this post. (wishful thinking)

Ok, let’s start this one seriously.

I want him, I don’t know how it happens. First, I thought it was nothing. After a while, I’m starting to fall and I don’t even know why. The fact that I’m not used to talk to him, you barely see us having our conversation. Because we’re not really connected. But somehow, there are some common grounds between us. As day goes on and on, the feelings just going strong that there are times its hard to breath for me anymore. I don’t even know if he have the idea of this feelings I have for him. Perhaps, he has it but just afraid to ask it or probably it was just nothing for him. I don’t even know if he have the same feelings cause honestly guys are really hard to interpret their actions. Cause they will almost do the same things for every ladies they encounter with. I tried to stop the feelings, I gave myself a time frame. The given time was over and yet the feelings is still there. But its not like before which I can’t control. Right now, the feelings are strong but it is in more controllable way. I can now talk with him more often. I just want to keep in this way for the meantime. At least, I won’t hurt myself that much. And promise myself not to expect and assume. Be good to myself.

Sorry for wanting you.

Just fall in lo…

Just fall in love again…..