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how i wish fall…

how i wish falling in love will be easy as falling asleep..

Find friends who love the truth

You’re responsible for your friends you know. If you’re in with a bad crowd, that’s your choice and it reflects on you. No use pretending you don’t know how you fell in with them, or that you don’t really want to be with them but they’re the only friends you’ve got. It would be better to have no friends at all than to have only friends you’re embarrassed about or ashamed of.

You can’t be a poppy in a field of thistles, a rose among thorns. You’ll turn into thistles and thorns yourself. No use pretending that you won’t be influenced by them, or that you’re different. If you’re so different, what are you doing hanging out with them? If you want to be a wonderful scarlet poppy, you have to find a poppyfield to thrive in. You won’t be able to love other people properly, or to be loved yourself as you deserve, if you’re ashamed of the company you keep.

So let’s be clear that you need to surround yourself with friends you can be proud of, and proud to be one of. You need to seek out the poppies and roses of this world and make friends of them. As a Rules Player you’ll be welcomed and it won’t be hard to find good friends.

So what should you look for? How will you know these people when you meet them? They will be honest and decent and upright and full of integrity. They will be truthful and sincere and will never lie to you. They will care abut your happiness, and will want to be around you not because of what they can get from you, but simply because you make them feel good.

They will not try to take advantage of you, or put pressure on you to do anything that you don’t want to. They won’t make unfair or unreasonable requests of you, and they will never betray your confidence or gossip about you behind your back.

They will be kind, generous, thoughtful and caring towards you, and they will do their very best to be there when you need them. Of course they won’t always get everything right because they’re human. But it won’t be for want of trying, and if they realize they’ve made a mistake, they’ll want to put it right as soon as they can.

And when you start spending time with these people, you’ll soon find that you become like them. In the same way that you started to turn into a thistle when you hung out with thistles, and saw yourself as little better, now you will blossom and you’ll be able to see how wonderful you are. Why surround yourself with people who you’re ashamed of and unhappy to be with, when you could fill your life with people who you are proud to be seen with? After all, if all these wonderful people want to be your friends, you must be pretty worthwhile. Not an ugly duckling after all, but a beautiful swan.

by Richard Templar

I noticed, but …

I noticed, but I was afraid to believe in my eyes and my heart felt. I told myself it’s impossible you’ll be interest.

it’s YOU

it’s you I’m falling in love

it’s you  that I don’t want to talk to

cause I’m afraid you might heard my heart beat; how fast or slow does my heart beat.

You might hear that I’m longing for you and you just might want me because you know I have a feelings for you.

everyday its getting deeper, but in a normal better way.

A Dream, will it always be just a dream?

Today, as I woke up this morning I had a dream that I received a text from a person with the message of greetings of happy birthday and _______. I don’t know if that is a sign or it is just in my mind for wanting, longing hearing those words from you. Or probably, its the desire of my inner self that I’ve yearning to hear it.

last day of being 25

One Wednesday on month of May, its a usual day in my work to be busy on Wednesday. Lots of work to be done for the given hours in a day. But thankfully, I’m getting used to it and trying my  to learn and understand my work. It was really a tiring day but it happened to be a day to be cherished. Even though we only spend the night in a food court having our siomai and gulaman, it was a good experience. Within that place I will surely remember every time I get a chance to pass that. Thank you guys! Having good memories with you it is a great thing I can cherished it. 

It’s good to ex…

It’s good to express your feelings.
Don’t hold your feelings in, suppressed they will just poison your well being. Have the courage to express them, in intelligent ways of course.