What it is?

– the state of being connected or related between people.

What kind?

– between family, children, relatives, siblings, teachers, classmates, batch mates, friends, acquaintance, co-workers, lover, husband/wife, in-laws and God.

Having a good relationship with people surrounds you, it only means one knows what are the basic rule to keep the relationship well. There are certain rules, one must not be inform of what are those rules cause everyone has their own. Its painful when the closeness of two person crushed down, cause it is not that easy to regain the closeness back to its oneself. There is already crack that will remain as a mark between your relationship but at the same time it can be the challenge on how one is willing to get that closeness back like same as before. And also, it is also a learning for both parties on how they will keep the relationship much stronger that before. That’s what friends should be, isn’t? No matter what are the circumstances one might face, friends will always be friends..

As for a lover its a different story but how does this relationship started? First, they become friends, isn’t? They become close as day passes by, share secrets, laughter, stories of non-sense just enjoying each other company like friends. As day goes on, one of them may fall for the other one. One start to show much deeper affection, caring and etc. Each day the feelings go stronger but one should know how to take control of it cause there is a consequence in every action or move one will make it. There is more sacrifices in this kind of relationship and commitment is really part of it. More demands but it depends on both parties. One will adjust to one another to meet their wants even if it just in between. A give and take relationship. One will me greater and the other one is lesser but one should not measure their love on who is giving much or receiving less cause there is no perfect people only unique that define one another in which one may click to one another.

Honesty, Trust, Respect, Loyal, Faith, Kind and more of this.