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Knock! Knock!

It is a sound that produce hitting a door, meaning that someone is trying to ask a permission to get inside a room or house. If only it can be done in one’s life perhaps we can limit the people entering our lives.

I’m happy to have known you. Yes, there’s always a reason behind for everything that happened in one’s life. And you guys are part of it, and I’m grateful for that.

I wanted to change how I treat you, and even close the door with sound proof so that I won’t hear it. But I did it once but it only last for a day and its not quite good. Know why? Cause it will hurt you and I would hurt myself much more for doing that. Also, every time you knock I was there to open it probably I was really there I’m just waiting. But I’m thankful that you didn’t change even after I’ve told you those words but honestly I want to remove you in my system. But it just really hard.

Just a favor. Please stop knocking my door. And if ever one day you’ve decided to leave just leave silently. I’m going to miss you, but everything will be part of the past which is memories which is good one but also at the same time not. Cause its painful. I hope that there is this medicine that would delete all the happening each of every day. So that there’s no memory that would keep on reminding me on how everything was started and all the good things we had together.

But I’m glad that we’ve been good to one another. But leave it open so that other could come. And if ever that day, you bump to me or needed to talk too don’t hesitate to knock my door once again.┬áBut thanks for coming.

And one more thing that made me realize, if one person wants to be in your life no matter how long one should wait or keep knocking the door until you open the door one is willing to wait until the day you allow them to enter your life again. If that person is tired for knocking the door maybe its not meant to enter your life again.

But you know wh…

But you know what?
I’m glad…
I’m glad it happened…
We’re good FRIENDS
& I’m thankful for that..

You will always…

You will always be my smile and hanky that I want to keep.