As the title says, yes I am sick for 4 months already – cough. And I know that this is not just merely a normal cough. Cause deep down inside of me I know there’s a problem that which I can’t let it go. How many times did I try to do it but its hard to release. Cause the damages have been made a long time ago, its hard to cure already. Its eating me inside. Cause til now, its still haunting in the present. 

Why do people always live in the past. That’s why its called past, isn’t? We should not dwell on it cause its affect the present and future. We should just accept it, learn from it, and move. Cause no matter how many times you dwell on it, it won’t matter anymore and it won’t help in present. You should just pick up the lesson and make it a better present. 

I don’t want a house, I want a home. I surrender everything to You. Sorry for the times that I lose my sight to You