Last night, I had a conversation through text with one of my friends. It only started with, asking me “how am I doing?” I just said ” mmm.. I’m good somehow recovering” and it continues until the words come out this way, “I should be happy, isn’t? Because somehow, we’re friends (I think).

Know what good things about being friends? It’s not that they were there for you, but everything is neutral. Meaning, you can be who you are who you wanted to be. No need to worry if it’s ok or not. Things like habit, mannerism, expression, how we eat, talk, favorite stuff down to the simplest things like laughing, cry, mad and more. The point is being you, yourself and most of all being real and honest. The point is accepting the differences of each person especially the flaws of one another because one cannot be whole if it’s only the good qualities will accepted. Positive and negative goes hand in hand just like as simple as the battery, isn’t? One piece of battery has a positive and negative to make things work. As same as with the people we meet in our lives they have their good and bad qualities and so as ourselves. As our conversation goes on until late at night, which I forgot to open my PC because I was too engross to the topic and the words suddenly came out my mouth that “I should be okay with it though it’s painful, but it’s always part of our lives, which is called learning.”  Learning, appreciating, accepting one another, and giving unlimited chances to make the corrections as much as possible. As our conversation was about to end, I just ask to myself. “Am I a friend for him? Or I was just assuming that we’re friends? Or is there a level or stage of being friends with him? Meaning, it’s like there is an exam which is if you pass you can accelerate to the next level if not you left there or the game is over. (just thought about it, cause I remember when you ask how can you say you’re friends? – during one afternoon) 

Novice I am. Doesn’t know where should I stand but for now this is better.