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Should one forgive and forget?

You have heard of the expression “Forgive and forget.” Should we? Jesus would say no. Forgive, yes. But forget? No. If you just forget, then you would have learned nothing from the whole experience. If you just forget, then you are just resetting things to zero. If you do not forget, then there is the opportunity to raise the relationship to the next level. When Jesus showed his wounds to his disciples, I think he was saying, “You hurt me. That cannot be undone. The wounds may heal, but there will always be scars. You hurt me. But I forgive you. There is pain, but my love for you is stronger than the pain. Peace.”

Forgive, but do not forget. Forgive, and remember — in the radical sense of that word. Re-member: Make the person who hurt you a member of your circle again. Let him or her into your life anew.

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Opinion: The last part, re-member. I really wanted to, but it is still worth it that’s the question. Let just put it this way, every people we’ve met, we’ve crossed, its one way right? Meaning keep moving, there’s no turning back or u-turn section. Only intersection that allowed each of us to crossed our path and enjoy each others ride. Then somewhere along the road one will take the other route because each one of us have different role/mission/dreams in this land to do/accomplish.

But honestly, I can swallow my pride just to have you guys back. Like I always did. But every time I remember why I left the group it made me strong to stay this way. I forgave you already, but doesn’t mean that everything has need to go back the way it were before. Three things that I will always remember from you were: weighing scale, you don’t need to ask because every one is unique; plastik, every one was doing that it just depends on the situation; lastly, you’ve said, “I forgot you’re chinese..” being racist.  – “chia chi” chinese term.

Though honestly I want to make friends with him but every time I would make a move I will always though there is you who will jealous. So I’m not. Though is not ok with me, but I have no choice. Rather than seeing you hurt, I’d rather hurt myself. It’s painful not to talk to that person even just for a small talks or nonsense topic. But if he’s not affected then why do I have to? The question is did he ever thought that I was his friend or I’m the only one who is thinking that we’re friends? You’ve told me, I’m jealous? Why? Am I not enough to be his friend that I need a backer?

I left the group because I do RESPECT myself rather than letting you step on me once again. Who are you to step on me? You didn’t feed me on the first place.

Remember what I’ve told you my story about respect, I gave a high pay respect to the people who deserves it. Cause for me respect is not a demands that you should ask for, one should work on it to gain/earn that respect one wanted.

It’s not that I’m not over with the issue, but for me it’s a learning. You’ve told me you know me, just a question. How well do you know me? One year spending time with me does not mean you know me as a person. Remember, I can choose what I want to let you see from me.



birthday celeb vs friends6 connected reunion

Last June 28 Saturday, I was torn into two events that I wanted to attend both, but the problem was the two events were same time. I chose to celebrate it with my Uncle rather than attending the reunion of friends6. I didn’t regret it, cause its really worth it. Spending time with your loved ones still priceless. And simply being there for the person means a lot for him. Even though he can’t address it to each one of us how much he appreciated that we’re celebrating his birthday with us, seeing him happy is already enough. No need for words to express it. No gift can compare for our presence spending time with him. Happy birthday, Richie/Pow!  Not only that, after the party, we, the adults, continue our session on the nearest coffee shop to spend the night. Spending for almost 2 hours catching up about our lives still not enough but we have to go home.

Though I really wanted to go to the CCF just to meet my new friends I’ve met few weeks ago. But back of my mind, should I? First, we have different religion. Though for me, is not an issue but I don’t know with them. Cause for me, friendship doesn’t necessarily to have same religion to become friends, isn’t? As long as you enjoy each other company, you can stay. Understand one another, respecting each other opinions, that’s it, right?

Gift itself is a symbol of that thought. It doesn’t matter whether it costs money. What is important is that you thought of him. And it is not the thought implanted only in the mind that counts, but the thought expressed in actually securing the gift and giving it as the expression of love.

Gift of self is an intangible gift that sometimes speak more loudly than a gift that can be held in one’s hand. Call it the gift of self or the gift of presence.

Good morning.. …

Good morning.. Will just get some sleep for the meantime..

nyz one!

nyz one!

Second memo in my entire life.. First when I was in my college days..

Matter of choice, not necessity

Matter of choice, not necessity

Wait, until ready?

Wait, until ready?



John Waller – The Marriage Prayer

Love God first

A talk show lat…

A talk show late night and I was driven by the topic. Still up.


Stop reading na…

Stop reading na!!! Better get some sleep, you’ve sleep 3 in the morning for two consecutive days.. You don’t want to feel the that pain again.. Yes, I know that. I felt that last Friday in the sampling room, I’m out of breath and for a few seconds my heart stop beat.