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to start a conversation

A simple “How are you?” can go a long long way… Right?


One key to solving disagreements is to become an empathetic listener. Now you aren’t an enemy, but a friend who understood.

Got a minute?

An afternoon talked, if she just knew that I want to leave the company maybe she will ask for what reasons. I know since that day a lot of changes happened to me and because of that changes its like a domino effect it causes a lot damages in me. I’ve been trying to look that old me but it seems its gone already. I didn’t change i just reveal the other side of me. The one I only let few people see it, feel it and encounter it.


You can never know the importance of water until the stream runs dry.
Don’t worry about their appreciation. Just be yourself and move on. If they don’t appreciate you, they aren’t worthy to be around you to begin with. If someone doesn’t appreciate your presence; your absence is not going to make any difference to them. It’s better to quietly exit from their life for good. “KEEP COMPANY WITH THOSE WHO APPRECIATE YOU AND VALUE YOU AND DON’T WASTE IT ON THOSE WHO DON’T”


It hurts when you don’t have the support you need from the people who mean the most to you.


A smile is the best make up you can wear.

treat people

Be careful how you treat people. You never know when you’ll trade spaces.

Best friend

This is the hard part about having best friends that I feel no attachment to – I don’t give them any benefit of the doubt. And being best friends is always about the benefit of the doubt.

kindness and niceness

Kindness connects to who you are, niceness connects to how you want to be seen.

would you

If I woke up in a different body every day–if you never knew what I was going to look like tomorrow–would you still love me?