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perfect imperfections

You don’t need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.

get together

feels good.

good to spend time with them again. 

good to be back.

they’re still my choice. i didn’t regret it, the reason why I chose you guys.

what’s the illegal: the photo. but i’m not in the position to request not to post it. also, not to took a photo of it.

remember what does photo mean: its a souvenir, a remembrance of what happened, though its been years that passed away, it’s like a flashback of memories that will brought to you with just a photo. so take a good shot. 

my reaction: i don’t care. i don’t live in the opinions of others. if they can’t respect it, it’s not my problem. 

“good terms” – yea. that’s the thing.

to be honest: it was hard for me to decide if i should go with them or not and just make an excuse. that’s why that morning my mind was wandering, that’s the reason. if its an intention or just formality.

but I’ve made a deal with Him a month ago. if he personally invited me, i would; if not, then i’m not. but he did, though at the back of my mind i had a doubt if that was a real intention or he did it because I’ve told the girl that if he will personally invite me, i’ll come; if not, the answer is no. 

here’s the catch: “if it’s important, you’ll find a way; if it isn’t, you’ll find an excuse.”  it’s not about “having” time. it’s about “making” time. it is because you guys still important to me, i mean all of you. 

i know i put my guard down that moment.

thank you for the invite. thank you!

don’t lose

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known her. If she’s kept you smiling since day one, don’t lose her.


It is what it is and we are who we are – and people will CHANGE when THEY get ready to.

Hold hands



There is a longing in every heart that only God can satisfy.

It all started with an invitation

As the title said “Invitation”, same goes with the article that was attached to it “How to live an invitation.” When I finished read the article, there’s that one sentence that stroke me and that is “God asks us to keep one hand free, always looking for one more new friend to draw into the loop.” Or simply, “One hand holds the hand of the precious community God gives us — neighbors, family, friends, and brothers and sisters in faith — while keeping the other hand free to draw newcomers into the circle.”

I just remembered an Invitation that I’d made a year ago around fifth month of the year. I invited them; each of them to celebrate it with me, there’s the meaning of coming, joining, bringing, and welcome new people to my life. It’s my way of addressing them that I’m grateful and appreciate them. But what happened? I don’t know. I don’t know the reasons behind it. It’s been four month passed away and the door I opened for them were close for almost four month. Though I’ve been talking to them but it’s not the same way before. Right now, I can tell that it is just casual no more personal. Just being professional, all I have right now is respect to each and every one of you and “pakisama”. That’s the norm.

Though I want to open the door for you guys, but it’s hard it’s not that easy unlike the first time I opened it for your guys. Just what I wrote before “A Living Stranger”, every friendship starts with being stranger. I just don’t know if the sun will rise again to us, to start a new one or the time given to us was just limited.

Don’t cross the line. Know your limitations. Know your boundaries. It’s not a rule that I have to imposed it, cause if you’re human you have known this.

The words “How can I help you?” need to stay fresh on your lips. Because I’m used to it to the one whom always willing to serve people as long as I can, to offer a helping hand at any given time, “at your service”. I don’t know if it because of my course but for me it’s not related with the course I took when I was in college, it’s a character that I’ve build for myself as days passes by.

Link of “How to live an Invitation”

is not

“Hanging out” is not dating.

love and understand

You might believe that you need to understand someone to love them, but the truth is you need to love them to understand them.

second chances

Second chances don’t always mean a happy ending. Sometimes, it’s just another chance to end things right.