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a reason

Give yourself a reason to laugh, and not worry; a reason to love and not hate; a reason to live and not give up.

closing the other room

is equivalent to less privacy/private talk.. there’s good and bad, it always comes together.

morning dance beat

dancing to the beat of skippin by mario.. :))

The Unexpected Gift of Forgiveness

Whew! Honestly, it was a sudden. It’s like in a fast forward motion. I just made that decision to fully forgive her and yet the exchange of doing that was this. I don’t know what was your purpose God. But I know you were behind of these things that happened, we may not know the reason but one thing for sure it will be good for every one especially to her. Because it’s one of her prayers, and You’ve answered it right one time without notice. Seeing her happy I know that I did a good thing for her, for giving that gift as a advance gift to her and at the same time at least we will be parted our ways in a good way.

Though it’s painful to have this kind of ending, but I’m glad You made us meet.

Though forgiveness is painful and costly, one thing is, it is worth it.

I really really want to write, but I know whatever I write it here it won’t be enough to describe what I have here inside of me. I just want to say Thank You for coming and become part of the few chapters of my life. If time permit us and in God’s time/permit, until our next meeting!

15, what’s with the number…

July 15 of last year..
April 16 of this year – where its started everything.
July 15 of this year – we settled it though I know it’s not that fully
Oct 15 of this year – I gave total forgiveness already and told it personally.

Though I said to that person just take it as an advance Christmas gift but at the back of my mind I know that its just settling maybe to have a good parting ways. I gave her forgiveness and peace of mind. I hope by this time she knew how much I value her that I still choose to fix her, even though I want to fix also the other person I just can’t do it. Because every time I just starting to think about it my mind wanders that you might get jealous again.

Having the conversation a while ago, asking me “aren’t you tired? felt pity for yourself?” I’m tired. I’m tired being strong, but if I’m not going to be strong for myself then who will be strong enough for me. Telling me, I should not encounter these things. Yes I shouldn’t, but it happened and it happened because of … And asking me, why not just go back with you guys. To be honest, I really wanted to but I’m afraid the gossip I’m going to hear from other people (though it’s not that big deal maybe just to help them stop gossip also). But I am more afraid of the issue that you might get jealous again once I’m back. Cause I know that is the thing that will never gone from you.

Funny thing because last week when I accompanied you for two nights on our way home. You’re telling me those plan of yours. I just told you that maybe there are better opportunities or maybe the time is not yet right or if it’s for you, it will be given to you. But there is one thing I didn’t tell you, maybe you need to fix something first so right things will set its time. As you told me the good news this afternoon, I know that’s the thing I did – fix. I don’t know if its just coincidence or there is someone behind these things. Because these scenario is common for me. I will just fix something, and there goes the good news.

I should have titled it as a “Advance Christmas Gift or Good Parting Ways” but I’d rather choose “15”

I just remembered when you told me how much you appreciated me, but what happened? And it’s painful/sad that we have to encounter these things. Its the only thing that I can give it to her.


Communication is the process to a successful relationship. Just as photosynthesis is to plants and sun, communication is the process of continual and interdependent exchange of words, ideas and actions between two people that build the relationship.

People are like trees and the sun; the more they communicate, the closer they lean toward each other. And there is nothing more comforting than to know that you can freely share, be heard and listened to by the person who loves you the most.

Greetings to?

welcome home… Is it for that person?
or for me?
Just thought of it, because tonight I realized it’s been a month that I’m away here and writing to my other blog. Is it come back? I don’t know…