I miss that person so much, the one I gave a code from smile to stranger. Come to think of it, both were positive. Know why? Smile is an action in which almost anyone do it on their first meeting while stranger is a word that anyone used to say in the first meeting. Both were used in the first meeting. Not another story, nyz.! Smile and stranger we’re a year ago already. But you’ve just thought tonight as you write this, funny, I hate your mind nyz. But to be honest, its a funny wit. Probably, I just miss that person badly. Why do the effort if that person didn’t value you.

Oh well, tonight as I watched the tv show in particular interviewing a showbiz artist. A couple was interviewed, and funny that they started to have their blog sharing their lives to the public which is relationshipmatters.ph, is their site. Meanwhile, as the conversations goes, the 5 love languages was become one of the topic – a book written by Gary Chapman. At the back of my mind, I have a copy of that book and I’m done reading it. Also, I’ve already write some notes about that book in which I don’t know if it was still posted here or it was with my other account (midnightlovenotes.wordpress.com).

Funny to think about it that people were writing. For me also, I don’t even know that I will start doing this thing. Its seems hard at first because you have to share something about yourselves of course. It’s like you’re letting your private be known for the people whom you didn’t know. You inspired them, share your experiences, name it like happiness, sadness anything you wanted to talked about it. Let it put it in this way, a diary. That you, yourself, can go back anytime you wanted to be.