Time never stops marching on. Time is precious and should be invested, not spent. Invest your time in the  present, in the relationships that matter most to you, and in pursuit of those things that will bring you the greatest fulfillment, meaning, and satisfaction in your life. Stop worrying about yesterdays and tomorrows and live TODAY.  Remember that relationships matter most. Time is a limited commodity, the question is where we invest our time? To answer that question, one might want to consider this question, what is the greatest source of enjoyment, fulfillment, and achievement?  Most people would respond with things like family, friends, organizations that make an impact for good, community involvement, service, and other significant accomplishments that couldn’t have been achieved alone. In short, our greatest sources of enjoyment, fulfillment, and achievement are almost always found in quality relationships with others.Relationships are what matter most because they are meant to last the longest, and therefore we should spend our time investing in relationships. Relationships yield the greatest returns – both tangible and intangible.”