A short article I’ve read in few minutes right after my dinner, I grabbed a book titled ” It’s Ok to be Not Ok.”

Let’s start it off.
It’s the same with other relationships: The more open we are with a person about what we truly feel and think, the more vulnerable we become. But also – the more opportunity we have to be closer to the person with whom we are opening up. This is probably one reason why the honesty is not common in the prayer today. Many just want a “casual” relationship with God, a relationship that is shallow and empty. But for those desiring to be deeper in God, there is no other want than to be genuine and honest. As we say in one of our Filipino proverbs: “And nagsasabi ng tapat, nagsasama nang maluwat” (The one who is honest about what s/he truly feels will keep his/her relationships intact). This was part of chapter seven.

Chapter One: It’s OK to be down
Chapter Two: It’s OK to be sad
Chapter Three: It’s OK to cry
Chapter Four: It’s OK to be afraid
Chapter Five: It’s OK to struggle
Chapter Six: It’s OK to be angry
Chapter Seven: It’s OK to question God
Chapter Eight: It’s OK to fail