Thank you for telling me that you’re not using your other number. I just take it literally, that’s why I didn’t asked for your new number. But I asked, I ask if you’re still using the other number because you got two. But seems like you didn’t heard it, that’s why I didn’t repeat it. Kasi katabi na kita nun, parang impossibleng hindi mo narinig. Mine was do you want to give your new number to me or do you want me to ask for it. If you knew me by then. God, ang laki na ng wall. Ramdam ko andun pa rin un wall. Inisip ko na lang masyadong siyang private na tao. Dahil kung gusto niya ibigay un, ibibigay nya un. Simple, parang gawain ko. If I want to change my number, I’ll change it then will text the people telling them save this number as my new one. Ever since, he is private person. Just thought about it, there was a supplier footwear (BP-slippers) asking me for his number. I just told that just try to call again in our office.