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just thanks

Thank you God. I just can’t stop to say how grateful am I. But I’m getting scared.


God, you know what? It’s another great day for me again. That’s why I want to say thank you. I guess I can’t stop saying thank you this time. It’s been for how many days that is consecutive. And as of now, I’m having thought about it. I get scared. Why? Dahil araw araw na ako masaya at napapasaya niya ako God at natatakot na ako. Para bang may kapalit. Aalis na rin ba siya? But whatever it is, I want to Thank You God and thank him.

Thank you. I just want to let you know how much I appreciated you.

Papa-ubaya ko na po sa inyo God.

question or answer

I love you, says the Lord; but you say, “How do you love us?” – Malachi 1:2

the lost 200

what a day!!! it was good and tiring.. and honestly, a little bit of shock.. Why? I just did a wave to that person when I get back to the office. And I know I’m smiling not only the smile itself but the heart smiles too. But on the other hand, I lost a 200. I don’t know what it is about. But I do believe that if something lost, there’s a good thing in return. What is that?

But all in all, a good day indeed. And Thank You God.

another day of having a good day.. 🙂

Such a good way to end the night… 🙂 thank you God.. 🙂

a dream

a dream that set to have a good today…. but at the back of my mind I’m wondering what was those dream means…

looking good

new hair cut plus.. complementary colors.. orange and blue, it’s complement 🙂

Summer Escapade – Fashion Show

Well, at first expect the unexpected. First time he attended that show. I don’t know the reason behind it but I’m glad he made it. At least, because nakaka-worried din naman po talaga. Baka may masabi na naman. Imagine nyo po God, araw araw tension sa office. But in the end, it’s worth it. As always. We’ve done our part and the rest is not in our hands. The result was good. 🙂

But you know what God, what was more important than that, I guess I’ve already overcome my fear. I just loosen up a little bit a while ago.

But what most importantly was I’ve came to your place. Attended the second mass. It’s always the best 😉 since that day, you never failed me to fill-in those emptiness I have that no one knows. And in You alone, is enough for me.You always satisfy me, God.


Oh my… I didn’t intended that way.

God, bakit? Does he know how hard to cope up. Now, that my wall starting to open, parang lalay siya ulit. 😦 sorry, but hindi un ang intention ko, baka naman pwde nyo parating sa kanya. I miss him badly (as my friend), kung alam lang nya un. Araw araw, nakikita mo un tao pero hindi mo siya malapitan dahil sa nakaraan. Alam mo un pakiramdam na un.

But honestly, nagulat ako na nag-explain ako sa kanya. Maybe I was that ready to be open again.

Sorry sorry, but I hope he didn’t misinterpret me 😦