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How do you want to end your May?

a great one indeed.

longest conversation

It’s lack of time, but in those short period of time. We’ve just keep on talking. I was just a bit of shock when the words came out from his mouth, “nagsasawa na siya…”

the Unexpected Number

I know, you know everything that happened today God. At first, that text. I didn’t expected it. Because to be honest it pop up just as a number. Because I didn’t saved his number since that day, but the point was I memorized it. The moment I read the message. My eyes kept checking the number, I guess 5 times ko inulit un number nya sa utak ko. Then I just told to myself, it’s him. When I read the message, it was him. Because every person has their own pattern way of text. Kilala ko lang siguro siya magtext.

Somehow it was great day. And sorry, I really felt bad about his golden voice. Nakaka-miss un boses nya.

concern or the other way around

A question that can’t get off my head. Mahirap ba sumakay sa pambabae? I don’t know if that person was concerned or he doesn’t want to accompany me. I didn’t even asked him. But I just take it literally, but to be honest it just can’t get off my mind.


LSS to the following songs. At first, the korean song which was “I want to love you” from the series. Then Dreaming of you by Selena, Falling by nsync. Lastly, one of my favorite song, More than you’ll ever know by Michael Ruff



Stands for Extra Sensory Perception. Funny. I was about to asked that person about the application for the gym. But before the words came out from my mouth, the person already talked about it. Not only that, I even asked that person how was his day.

G, thank you G (God)! And You’re behind on it.

Morning hum

너 하나만 – Only you by Kim Tae Woo

At first I heard it played, I thought to myself sounds familiar. But oh well. Then that person approached me, then that person asked me if I know that. I said yes. I was a little bit of shocked because didn’t expected it from that person. And from that song, we got a little chance to talked about the k-drama titled “My Lovely Girl”

The first song I looked after I watched the series and then also one of the song I like was

사랑해줄래 – I want to love you by Alex Chu

until I searched the list of songs on Spotify but it’s not complete. And tonight, I’ve downloaded one by one. But still the one thing that person looking for was not yet found. Seems like it doesn’t have that kind of version of it.

It just took me 3 days to finished the 16 episodes. 🙂

It just simply made my day. But I’m scared already..

Thank you God. I know you’re there. Still I can’t make it up until now.. Isn’t sad?

ability to give

Your ability to receive is equally important to your ability to give.

Have you ever brought a special gift, working hard just to get it, only to be refused by the person you were giving it to? That didn’t feel right, did it? Our relationships are greatly enhanced when we become not only generous givers, but generous receivers as well. When we know how to accept gladly, wholeheartedly, embracing the gift as an extension of the giver. It takes both giving and receiving for care and generosity to flow unimpeded.

Good bye April

Hope this will be a start of a new one. 🙂