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he never left

Since that day, he never left…..

God, can I ask something?



human in disguise

There are times when you called to be of service.

Who could use a bit of kindness and love today? Who would benefit from a phone call, a visit, or an offer of assistance? You can be an angel in human disguise today.

A stranger asked me for a direction, she asking me how to get to EDSA.  glad to help.. 🙂

souvenir of pain

Pain from the past, you’ve just visited me again. And I have to remind myself to forgive her. But I have to thank her because without the pain that cost me I wouldn’t know how much strength do I have for myself. But also, it is a souvenir you’ve left it for me. Whether good or bad; happy or sad memories all of this will tell us the souvenir we will leave behind. Souvenir it is something usually given when someone will leave but it shouldn’t because everyday we had the chance to give someone something as a souvenir by any means like material things, time, good conversation and a lot more. But by simply touching their hearts, its more than enough.


posted June12


Yes, I was surprised. I thought that I will not be able to join him but I was surprised when I stepped on the elevator. My reaction was, I didn’t saw that coming. It’s like how come I didn’t saw him while I’m waiting for the elevator. But thank you. You never failed to amazed me, God. Are you telling something? Like, it is okay to be open again. But andun pa rin lahat e.

To be honest God, napapagod na ako maging matatag gusto ko na bumagsak, pahinga.

the hand gesture

oopppssss… I’m sorry, no intentions. It’s just I’m going to pass through that’s why I’ve touched him…

his scent makes me miss him

and how your scent lingers even when you’re not there.. a blank seat and yet I kept on staring it for the entire day.. oh I miss you, you don’t know that I guess. Now I confirmed to myself that you were still there. It is because you never left or it is just me who hold on. I guess I have to re-calibrate my heart again. But I know that no matter how many times do I calibrate it, it won’t change. You will still be there, because you’ve been part of my story.

I still want you, you know that? Honestly gusto kitang iwasan, but that’s foul. Kaya ko naman maging casual e, un lang nga noon un. Lately, it’s all coming back but I can still control it. Right, Nyz? Yes.

a kiss and a hand

I’ve dream about him this morning, holding his hands while walking teasing and chatting. We’re having fun. Lastly, before I woke up the last scene was I kissed him on his cheeks. Weird isn’t? Or perhaps last night, when he told me that he just waiting for someone to resign and he will follow through.

I just love his scent.. I don’t know if that was just his soap or his perfume that lingers whole day.

it’s been a while

It’s been a while since I wrote about him. And again, after a long time I’m here sitting in front of my computer. I don’t know, you just pop up. Until now, there’s a lot of questions going on with my mind but I just don’t mind them. All I know was that I’m enjoying the time I had with you. I was shocked that this past few days I get a chance to joined your way home. Why? It just felt good, isn’t? But a little bit scared. Just enjoy his company while I still have the time. Andun pa rin pala siya sa spot na un.

My Little Song as a background song for the night…