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I miss him

Don’t know how am I supposed to start this but all I want to do right now is to write, share and express this. For the longest time, I’m going to write again.

G(God), you know what. I want to tell you that I’m with him every night for almost three weeks. Because there was a long queue for tickets at the booth every night. So I bought it during the day time to avoid it. I always asked him, just to know if I should buy for him, because we’re both going that way on our way home. If I’m just going to buy for myself wouldn’t be that bad enough because in the first place we’re both heading that way, if I’m not going to buy him that would mean that I have to wait for him to buy one. That’s too bad or mean for not doing my part.

I want to thank you for that but I know or myself that I didn’t put down my guard yet even though I really really wanted too. Lam ko nakabalik na siya. At nahihirapan na naman ako dahil binuo ko ng ganito ka-solid sarili ko. To be honest with you God, do you know the lyrics that goes with this, So many questions but the answers are so few…. But I don’t want to ask, baka kc wala lang din naman sa kanya un. Why worry right? Just relax, enjoy it. Because when the new card system is available , more likely every thing will go back just like the old times. Just treasure, cherish the moments you can spend with him. Grabe, bumalik pa rin.

But you know what, meron siya konting sungit ah. (One morning, his text)

What’s funny about it, does he really need to write the pros and cons of a person. May I ask, what was mine? I want to heard it.

And reminder for myself, do not assume a role that haven’t been given. Be a friend until that someone carries you over the threshold.

And the thing about the question, I’m reminded about the homily last week. There are some questions that will push someone to decide. One example the priest made was the latest movie titled The Love Affair, when the girl asked ‘Ano to, ano ba tayo?’ and the replied was ‘masaya’. It’s hanging, it’s undecisive, it’s middle ground.

Decision without dedication is meaningless.
Decision is nothing without determination.

Waiting patiently

… And I am hopeful
Though it is painful
And I am peaceful
Though it’s not easy
But patiently faithfully, I will wait….

sounds familiar

Because I needed to know that you wouldn’t give up on me when you thought I may have given up on you. I needed to know you love me as much as I love you.

The best things in life are worth waiting for. Trust me.

the Longest Ride

longest ride1

watching for the nth time….

“8 seconds, and that’s all…..”

I’ve made that photo, sobrang addict…. pardon me, I just loved the movie