God is mysterious. Why? Because today, I was grumbling inside almost whole day. I was cold to him. I want to talk to him but I can’t. I’m guilty about that. I don’t know if he even notice about that, all I think was would that matter to him. Would I matter to him.

But tonight on my way home, there was these two kids – a girl and a boy. They keep approaching me, running after me. The boy said, “you got a tear on your eye.” I was shocked because where I was standing was quite dim. How did he noticed my eyes? And when we’re about to part ways, he kept on asking me where am I going. I said home.

God, You are amazing. I know you send that two kids to comfort me. And this coming Sunday is the Feast of Sto. Nino.

And for today reflection, I got this message. “strength is available.
When you are at your weakest, God is strong. When you are down, God can lift you up. When all seems lost, God will help you win. Strength is available when you need it. Believe it, embrace it and rely on it.”