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how are you, wy

Feeling better compare few days ago, week ago, month ago. Honestly, two months had passed since that day (April 16). Each day was struggles but just keep on moving. Cause that’s life. Though I forgave her already, but it does not mean that I have to go back again. Time will tell, if time permits. If not, then maybe, the given time for us has arrived. Like the saying treasure while its still there cause one snap of finger everything can be lost. Maybe that’s the reason why I remain good friends with that person, because it is the only thing that remained for us. Why I continue the effort because you get a god result/feedback. Simple as that.

A while ago, I don’t want to talked to him but I can’t because it is not the right thing to do. Also, I don’t want to hurt him. But more likely “hindi ko siya matiis at ayaw ko siya bastusin..” And its not my character especially if you didn’t do anything wrong against me. Though there are some and I just hope you knew what were those things. Though it can possibly I don’t have to answer him back because in the first place he didn’t even mention a name. But still I can’t. Maybe let me just put it this way, at least to the point I’ve talked to him a few words is enough. But after I had conversation with her (April16 and May 22), I don’t have to choose between the two of them because I don’t want to hurt someone. But I just hope that he’ll understand it like I always said to him “oks lang, mas nakakaintindi ka nmn e..”

I just didn’t expect that everything will turn out like this. But thank you! At least, the two of you remain as good. And I’m happy for that.

I’ve gone from the group because I respect myself, and it was the thing that was left to do. After all what she said.. She didn’t respect me and the term she used to describe in Filipino “parang kang tinapakan, hindi lang yun e.. Dinurog ka pa..” Kung pano ako ingat na ingat na hindi ka saktan sa pananalita ko, un ang hindi mo nagawa.. Kung siraulo lang ako, pinatulan na kita un oras na un e, pero pina-iral ko pa rin un respeto ko sayo.. Ito lang kasi lagi nasa isip ko once na nag-iinit na, pairalin ang utak wag ang damdamin baka may masabi ka hindi dapat pero hindi mo na un mababalik.


Have your shave, you look better…

Starting doing, I’ll be ok na..(that’s promise!) I’ve already let her go.. If I’m not band, more likely I’ll give her my resignation letter already a month ago.

I’m going to write continuation of “A Living Stranger” but I have to gather all my thoughts first.. goodnight and goodmorning..


The Destination

“Each passing day will be part of a history, good or bad it is something worth to be treasured for, to be remembered, to be kept for, to learn, to laugh, and to reminisce one day …”

The five day trip with that person for the first time was just fine. Good thing we’re with another person, if not probably silence would be the mood for the entire trip. A lot of good memories (good conversations, food, laugh) that added up the memory tank to be filled in each day. Lastly, for making me cry maybe I was that really comfortable with you guys to let you know who I am.


Movie – past time.

Chips – I brought you some, I just knew what you’re eating and I don’t like that I’m the only one who was eating. Cause I always care.

That kind of rating – questionable.. you just knew that I have feelings for you. Doubtful but flattered. Thanks!

Bags and wallets – things you’ve given me though I don’t have something for you guys in return.

Lying your head on my shoulder – my shoulder was hard to lean for.

Your hand on my arms – totally shocked. No need to go that far for an apology. A simple sincere apology is enough. But honestly, it makes my day.

A lot more but for the meantime, all I can say was.. “A trip worth to be treasured for..”

Thank you for being part of that trip, being one of the casts for making this short story worth keeping for.


Time heals almo…

Time heals almost anything give the time some time.

Act the way you…

Act the way you want to feel.

Take time to wr…

Take time to write out how we feel. As it shows that we are willing to take the time to write down our feelings.

Friday Night..

A great night, as always. But that night, I guess we had too much fun because we forgot the time. That left me no choice but more likely not a no choice, but they’ve planned how am I going home safe. I really appreciated it for what he did. Just want to send big thanks to that person. I know that you guys just want to arrive home safe. But next time I’ll insist that I’m taking the cab to drive me home instead. Rather than causing a hassle. I don’t even know if someone scolded him because in the middle of the night he needed to bring out the car just because he was asked to drive someone home. Good thing that my house wasn’t that far from his but unfortunately it was traffic on his way home.

Healing simply …

Healing simply means becoming whole again.

Most of the tim…

Most of the time communication is the biggest problem of the solution.

If you find you…

If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your value.