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Saturday Appointment:
Temptation shows who we are. It reveals the true identity, character or values of a person.

3rd Sunday of Advent – Gaudete

Gaudete means joy.

Christmas is about faith, companionship and God.

“Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?” (Matthew 11:2) – Most of us will look or expect for another one and missing the one who was there for us.

2nd Sunday of Advent – Peace

Advent in Latin word adventus meaning coming.

As the coming of Christ getting near, we should prepare ourselves for His coming. But how are we supposed to prepare for His arrival? As the priest had shared during the mass, repent just like John the Baptist. Repent meaning to¬†undergo a change of one’s mind” which results in a change of the entire direction of a person’s life.

– Preparation: to repent. to change.

– Proclamation: don’t just say, but it must have in shown in actions.

– Purification: outside is not that important, what lies inside of you is important. So better change your heart.

“Walk the talk”.

Confrontation and Challenge

If no one dare to confront one another and one was afraid of it because of the outcome might be decided to keep quiet.

Challenge was to be a better person than you were before.

Be good always, even though its hard. But no matter what happened one have always a choice either to be with them or stand still with who you are.


Prayer has a Goal

Prayer is like an oxygen to one soul. – Father Pio

In prayer you finds hope, it keeps you to continue until you reach your goal.

Prayer works best when coming from a humble heart that is in right relationship with God and others.


The story of Pharisee and Tax Collector – Luke 18: 9-14


A word that was used a while ago as I attended the mass. We should be thankful not only in good times we encounter but as well as the bad times.

Be thankful – a simple word yet so meaningful.

“you can not give what you don’t have”

A phrase used a while ago as I attended the mass. It’s a broad topic to be discussed it and yet it is so meaningful and a lot of ideas can be talked about this phrase. It’s so simple and it’s true. One example that was used is that if you have a little forgiveness within yourself, you also have little love how will you receive that from people surrounds you.