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Relationships d…

Relationships don’t come with a label of perfection. Every relationship has problems, fights, and arguments. Sometimes it’s better to fight and argue and try to sort out problems by talking rather than keeping quiet. When you love someone and letting them go is the last thing you can think about then sometimes fighting and making up can save your relationship and make the bond stronger whereas silence can tear your relationship apart and create unnecessary distances.

Short Story about Connection

Think about a coffee shops across the land where cappuccinos and lattes are sipped and savored. Many of these shops have little round tables with two chairs facing each other. Usually two people are seated at these small tables, leaning forward, face to face, hand under shin, and they are talking. Are these talking people men or women? As a rule, they are women. Women like round tables that place no one at the head in a position of leadership. They like to see eye to eye and connect on a personal level.

Confrontation and Challenge

If no one dare to confront one another and one was afraid of it because of the outcome might be decided to keep quiet.

Challenge was to be a better person than you were before.

Be good always, even though its hard. But no matter what happened one have always a choice either to be with them or stand still with who you are.



It was so high school thing for me. I just remembered way back when I’m still in my high school days, it was almost every night I was in the phone even though I’m with my friends the whole day at school. It seems like whole day were not enough for us that until night we still continue to chat over a thing or two aside from projects, homework and other stuff. Cause after schooling, I never had a long chat with person in telephone. I just used to be the one who answer the phone at home when it rings

But earlier tonight, that one hour and more was enough for me to bring back how we used to talked over the phone. Even discussed about that it’s been a while and what have the technology done to us. Sending messages via text, email and other kind of online services. In the end, I can say that it was still the phone that still the best way to have a conversation with someone.It is not because you can heard the other person on the other line but it feels like that person were just right next beside you. No physical appearance but the tone of voice can say something a lot rather than just reading it from a screen.

Isn’t nice when…

Isn’t nice when someone remembers every single detail about you, it is not because you keep reminding them but because they pay attention.

The Second One, hurt most.

It was the second time that I have an argument with him over a small thing. But it wasn’t like the first one, maybe it is because the first one we’re not yet that close. Unlike this one, I didn’t intend to act or say that but in the first place I won’t argue if I knew that I was wrong. I just hate that I didn’t received any response from you after I’ve texted you. But I should have understood it and in the first place that I don’t have the right to get mad because I am not in the position to be. I just wish you knew the feeling of what is being like waiting for a reply, or perhaps you haven’t experience it that’s why you didn’t know how it feels like to be waited.

Photo – colors or black and white. Am I giving too much color on that B&W photo? Maybe, I’m giving other meaning in everything you do which was just nothing from you. Because I thought we’re on the same but I guess I was wrong. Probably, you’re just playing around with me because I have told you that I like you. And you knew this site of mine which were you’re the most subject here wherein I can say that you’re the field that I want to study, wanted to know more but after finding out that you knew this. You know what? I’m scared because you can use this to know me more. But maybe I can say that you’ll like it because it was your stories and put those stories of mine into your head to boost your self-esteem. But knowing you for a while I can say you’re not like that but how well do I know you in the first place to prove that you’re not that kind of a person. Or probably, you try to be nice to me because you knew everything about this blog.

I just remember one thing you said me via an online message those three words maybe you said it on purpose that I didn’t take it seriously. But now, I guess it’s true that you hate me. You know what? You can say it to me rather than doing such things. Maybe that would be a big help to know where I should place myself.

One more thing, I just remember you’ve ask me who is anonymous05user? Who is that stranger? And share? I don’t owe you an answer because you knew it already from the very first start. Share? What I would share, it was clearly written all over here. If ever there’s come to a point it is not to be share but more likely a questions to ask that would come from you if you really want to know everything but the point is you don’t have the guts or courage to ask. Or most probably, you just like the feeling about it.

I don’t know how you feel every time I wrote something here about you, but that’s not my problem anymore. But honestly, I was hurt. If I only I could say that to you but what’s the point of telling that to you. Would you bother about it or even care about it.

If there will come to a point that I can ask you a question, I would ask you how do you feel about it? Even though I want to ask you when did you know about this blog of mine, I won’t bother to ask it. Because I was more interested how you feel it. But I guess you’ll only give me one word to that question and you won’t explain it further. I guess I have to rebuild that wall, distance myself. I thought everything would be okay but it doesn’t seem like to be.

Sorry I didn’t intended to have this kind of feelings for you. And no one faults. I can’t blame you because I know you didn’t intend that maybe that was normal for you, but I can hate myself for allowing you to come to me, in my life. And perhaps putting color to that black and white photo that was supposed to be only black and white in the first place.

Well, I just hope that you’re not reading this anymore.

Teardrop. Played one song for 50 times…

Good Morning!

Greet one anoth…

Greet one another with a kiss of love. – 1 Peter 5:14

Love makes sacrifices

He laid down His life for us. We should also lay down our lives for our brothers. – 1 John 3:16

Life can be hard. But what we usually mean is that our life can be hard. We’re the first to feel it when we’re the ones being mistreated or inconvenienced. We’re quick to sulk when we’re the ones who feel deprived or unappreciated. When life is difficult for us, we notice.

But too often the only way we notice that life is hard for our mate is when they start complaining about it. Then instead of genuinely caring or rushing in to help, we might think they just have a bad attitude. The pain and pressure they’re under don’t register with us the way it does when it’s our pain and pressure.

This doesn’t happen when love is at work. Love doesn’t have to be jarred awake by your mate’s obvious signs of distress. Before worries and troubles have begun to bury them, love has already gone into action mode. It sees the weight beginning to pile up and it steps in to help. That’s because love wants you to be sensitive to your mate.

Love makes sacrifices. It keeps you so tuned in to what your spouse needs that you often respond without being asked. And when you don’t notice ahead of time and must be told what’s happening, love responds to the heart of the problem.

Love inspires you to say “no” to what you want, in order to say “yes” to what your mate needs.

That’s what He did. “He laid down His life for us” to show us that “we should also lay down our lives” for others. He taught us that the evidence of love is found in seeing a need in others, then doing all we can to satisfy it. “For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited me in; naked, and you clothed me; I was sick, and you visited me; I was in prison, and you came to me” (Matthew 25:35-36)

Love is willing to make sacrifices to see that the needs of your spouse are given your very best effort and focus. When your mate is overwhelmed and under the gun, love calls you to set aside what seems so essential in your own life to help, even if it’s merely the gift of a listening ear.

Often all they really need is just to talk this situation out. They need t see in your two attentive eyes that you truly care abut what this is costing them, and you’re serious about helping them seek answers. The solutions may be simple and easy for you to do, or they may be complex and expensive, requiring time, energy, and great effort.

The words “How can I help you?” need to stay fresh on your lips.

人生很短, 有很多事情是會來不…

人生很短, 有很多事情是會來不及的.

A great relatio…

A great relationship is not when the perfect people comes together. It is when an imperfect people learns to enjoy their differences.